The Astor House Hotel has been on the North Bund of Shanghai, by the northern end of the Waibaidu Bridge (Chinese: 外白渡; pinyin: Wàibáidù Qiáo) (the Garden Bridge in English), since 1858. The hotel is on a 4,580 square metre site and has a total building area of 16,563 square metres with 134 rooms and suites. It was a landmark in the Hongkou District and the centre of foreign social life before the opening of the Cathay Hotel. It occupies an entire block, and is across the road from the Russian Consulate, and previously the embassies of Germany, the United States and Japan.


Surrounding traffic

Location Distance How to reach Hotel
People's Square 2.82 乘坐地铁2号线(浦东国际机场方向),在南京东路站下车(6号口出),步行约1.3公里。乘坐出租车约14元。
Shanghai Railway Station 4.26 乘地铁2号线至南京东路站,乘出租车起步价到达酒店。乘坐928路,在天潼路四川北路站下车,步行约540米。乘坐出租车约18元。
Shanghai South Railway Station 13.7 乘坐地铁1号线(富锦路方向),在人民广场站下车,换乘地铁2号线(浦东国际机场方向),在南京东路站下车(6号口出),步行约1.3公里。乘坐出租车约46元。
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (Terminal I) 17.02 乘坐地铁10号线(新江湾城方向),在天潼路站下车(5号口出),步行约1.0公里。乘坐出租车约59元。
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (Terminal II) 20.61 乘坐地铁10号线(新江湾城方向),在天潼路站下车(5号口出),步行约1.0公里。乘坐出租车约85元。
Hongqiao Railway Station 21.06 坐地铁10号线(新江湾城方向),在天潼路站下车(5号口出),步行约1.0公里。乘坐出租车约82元。
Shanghai Pudong International Airport 45 乘坐地铁2号线(徐泾东方向),在南京东路站下车(6号口出),步行约1.3公里。乘坐出租车约169元。