The dining areas are located on the first and the second floor. They are, respectively, the Peacock Hall, the Richards Restaurant, the Morning Shanghai Restaurant, the Old Richards’ Bar, and the Lobby Bar. Altogether they have 800 seats and 12 private chambers.

  • Richards Restaurant

    Richards Restaurant

    The restaurant is located on the first floor of the hotel. It preserves the original cello-shaped wooden floors and the Ionic order columns...

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  • Peacock Hall

    The Peacock Hall

    The hall is located on the ground floor, and was designed and built by the architect Latuente in 1925. It enjoys a height of about 14 meters...

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  • Lobby Bar

    Lobby Bar

    The bar is located in the hotel lobby, and provides a variety of alcohols, soft drinks, coffee, and light lunches.

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  • Old Richards Bar

    Old Richards Bar

    The bar is located on the ground floor of the hotel, and provides coffee, alcohols, soft drinks and a variety of musical and audio-visual services.

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  • 海鲜
  • XO酱小瓜炒虾青
  • 潮州萝卜煮蟹
  • 豉味汁爆干鱿
  • 虫草花炖水鸭
  • 川香焗鲈鱼
  • 剁椒鱼头
  • 干煸粉丝蟹煲
  • 干烧明虾两面黄